Gloucester Township Girls Athletic Association
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About Us....

The G.T.G.A.A. is an independent, all volunteer, fully self-supporting organization for the girls of the Township. There are programs in Softball, Indoor Soccer, Winter Basketball, Summer Basketball, Volleyball and competition Cheerleading for girls 6-18.

The G.T.G.A.A. is a charter member of the National Association of Youth Leagues and have been certifying the coaching staff through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association since 1983. Most G.T.G.A.A coaches have attained lifetime certifications.

The G.T.G.A.A. has developed its Programs of the past 35 years to allow for full participation for each player, and for the players to learn and have fun. Each Division in each Program is set with rules to allow a girl to learn a step at a time, and develop as she gets older. It is important that each girl be actively involved in the Program.

Throughout the Programs, all teams are re-drafted each year to allow for girls to experience different coaches and make new friends and teammates. It creates essentially fair teams each season. It also eliminates any heavy competition and hostile rivalries that can sometimes exist from season to season. Also, no wins and losses are kept during the regular season; usually a tournament is held at the end of the season to determine a Champion for the upper divisions. In Softball, there are five traveling teams for players who excel and desire a little more competition. A short Awards Banquet is scheduled at the end of each season; all younger division players get trophies and older division Championship and Runner Up teams get trophies.

G.T.G.A.A. coaches and officials all get the same color staff shirt each season. This helps show that the Program is about one staff. We hope that all coaches cooperate with each other and help out all of the girls. It's not about red vs. blue or green vs. gold; it's about the girls. Keeping that in mind, everyone wins!