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From the Desk of G.T.G.A.A President, Chuck Palumbo...

s President for the past 32 years, I am proud of the dedication of the people who have been and are currently associated with these Programs. Many of the coaches, commissioners and board members have been involved for a number of years - because they enjoy giving to the girls.

Many years ago, girls sports was a joke; it took many years to get the respect that girls and women in athletics have now earned. I have attended many camps, seminars, and clinics over the years and bring back new developments for our programs - all to help give the girls the best program available.

We continue to take pride in our team staffs. We try and keep our adults focused on the girls as a whole, not just one team. We ask all staff members to be considerate and cooperative, and most important - personable.

We have set up a GTGAA Adults Bowling League on Sunday evenings (openings available). Other social activities such as the Annual Softball Game and BBQ also help keep everyone together. GTGAA Adult Members have also formed teams in Township Adult Softball and Basketball Leagues.

We appreciate all comments and suggestions to better our programs.

Chuck Palumbo
President, G.T.G.A.A.

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